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2012 Greenwich Open Water Swim



A Reason to Swim - Swim To Make a New BFF


A Reason to Swim - Swim For Your High Five



A Reason to Swim - Swim Because of David


A Reason to Swim - For Doctors like Jedd Wolchok



A Reason to Swim - For Moments Like This


Greenwich 2011 Event Video


Dallas 2011 Event Video



Baltimore 2010 Event Video




Greenwich 2011 Promotion

Why I Swim - Featuring 2010 Events



Chicago 2010 Event Video



Greenwich 2010 Event Video


SF Co-Event Director Susan Helmrich is featured in Masters Nationals Highlights Video

News splash - SF - Susan Helm

SAA on FOX Sports News



 SAA on SwimmingWorld.TV

SAA Executive Director Interviewed

SwimmingWorld.TV's Brent Rutemiller interviews Swim Across America Executive Director Janel Jorgensen about her "Swim Quick," Program and about her experiences swimming for Richard at Stanford University.

Janel Jorgensen is an Olympic Silver Medalist and has been the Executive Director of Swim Across America for the past 3 years.

SAA on Floswimming

Floswimming interviews coaches about Richard Quick


Floswimming interviews coaches Kim Brackin, Brett Hawke, Frank Blusch, and Eddie Reese about Richard and the impact he has had on them and the swimming world.

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