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Long Beach Open Water Swim

Enter to win before September 13th.

The winner will be awarded free entry into the inaugural Long Beach Open Water Swim (with a friend). If you have done an SAA event before, try a new event and spread the SAA love across the country. If you have never done an event, this is a great way to give one a try.



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The Swim Across America - Long Beach Swim offers a chance to swim a replica of a the 2012 Olympic Open Water Course, and support cancer research in Long Beach.

If you win, choose a distance of 100 meters, 800 meters, 1.5 km, 5 km or 10km. You may also opt to register as a "WaveMaker." WaveMakers will not only participate in the swim, but also use their love of swimming for good and do additional fundraising. WaveMakers are rewarded with an exclusive Swim Across America Dry-Fit shirt.

Proceeds from the swim benefit the Memorial Medical Center Foundation that supports the Todd Cancer Institute in Long Beach, California.

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