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Summer 2014

Welcome to Swim Across America's Long Island Sound Events: The Long Island Sound open water swim, and Long Island Sound Pool Swims. This year was our 22nd year in raising funds to fight cancer. Long Island Sound events are the most successful in SAA history! Thanks to hundreds of swimmers and volunteers and thousands of donors this event has grown to reach unimaginable success. 

Click here to hear from Dr. Jedd Wolchok in the SAA Lab at MSKCC about the recently discovered Melanoma treatment.

2014 Events 
Please see below for the dates and locations of all LIS events or click on one for more information.

Long Island Sound - July 26th

Westchester CC - July 12th

Chappaqua S&T Club Pool Swim - July 13th

Clarkstown Germonds Pool - July 13th

Coveleigh Club Pool Swim - July 14th

NYAC Travers Island - July 18th

Orienta Beach Club - July 19th

Lakeside Field Club - July 20th

Lake Isle Club Pool - August 2nd


2012 LIS Commercials

Other videos

20 Year Celebration Video
2012 Cancer Support Team Video
2009 Thank You video
2008 Thank You video
2007 Swim Day video
2007 Thank You video

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