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 Swim Across America

 Pool Program

The Swim Across America Pool Program is an army of pool swims, across the country, raising money to fight cancer. Do you want to make waves to fight cancer in your community?

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Swim Across America is bringing the SAA Pool Program to all 50 states by helping communities hold their own pool swims to raise money for cancer research prevention and treatment. Start a pool swim in your community with your club team, highschool / college team, master's team or with friends.


Pool Program Beneficiaries

The SAA Pool Program funds some of the world's best beneficiaries. Let our doctors tell you how the money you raise brings them closer to finding a cure.

 MSKCC Baylor  Hopkins 
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John Hopkins Sidney Kimmel CCC


 How I did it...
"quote from Caity Begg"

 Pool Swim Slideshow 3

 My family was involved with Swim Across America for many years before I started my very own pool swim in Glen Rock, NJ. Each year, Team Begg would grow and venture into the Open Water for their annual Swim Across America event. One year, I decided I wanted

to share this experience with my friends and others in the community so I started an SAA Pool Swim.  Not only was it an exciting new feat for me, it also allowed people of all ages to be involved and have fun will raising money for cancer research. It was inspiring to see so many people come together and I’m proud to be a part of the SAA family.

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