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Since our inception in 1987, Swim Across America has been extremely fortunate to have the support of Olympic Swimmers and swimming legends. Over the years, their participation and presence at our events have contributed a degree of leadership, direction, and inspiration that simply cannot be measured. Their continued involvement has helped foster the dynamic relationship between athleticism, community outreach, and direct service that has been an integral part of SAA's mission and growth.

Some of the world's greatest swimmers and athletes have lent their services to Swim Across America, not only in the water but also in the boardroom, in organizational meetings, and in its media relations as well. Without their services in these areas, SAA could not be where it is today.

Swim Across America Olympians bring a level of swimming excellence simply unrivalled in any other single place. They hold an astounding 50 Olympic medals, including 33 Gold Medals. They have been involved in Olympics ranging from the Berlin games in 1936 to the Sydney games in 2000. They are responsible for setting, at one time or another, 22 World Records and countless American and Olympic Records-many of which still stand today.

They claim over 60 NCAA titles, including 4 NCAA national team championships. Moreover, together they have provided over 110 examples of strength and determination for SAA participants since 1987.

They bring a level of selflessness and commitment that is equally impressive: many of our Olympic swimmers have yet to miss a single year.

For inspiration of your own, please visit the brief biographies on each of our SAA Olympic Swimmers. Their heroic stories and remarkable measures of success are a motivating force for many of our SAA swimmers, but it is their unending devotion to service that truly reminds us why we remain committed to a cause as important as cancer research.

Please check out our Tampa Bay Olympians that will be participating in our Swim Across America inaugural Tampa Bay event!

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