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UNO & Swim Across America 'Dough Raiser" details



Why Should You Hold a Dough Raiser

  • Get your team excited: Get your SAA team together at UNO for a pre-swim celebration. Get your team-mates excited about the swim, and raise money while you do it.
  • Involve friends and family in your fundraising: You want your friends and family to sponsor your swim - Invite them to UNO for a fun dinner...Order "Wave Makers" and ask for their support. At the very least, 15-20% of your check will get kicked back to your swim.
  • You get to order a "Wave Maker": It is incredibly cool that there is an SAA drink at UNO. Order one... or two! Please "Make Waves" responsibly.
  • Everyone eats anyway: Everyone is going to get dinner and drinks at some point prior to your swim - you might as well benefit from it!

How to Hold a Dough Raiser

  1. If you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, contact Stephanie Buccella (If you live outside MA or RI, contact blake@swimacrossamerica.org) and tell her you are an SAA swimmer and you would like to hold a Dough Raiser. She will send you a "flyer" that you can use as an invitation. Send it to everyone you are inviting.
  2. Show up at UNO with your crew, have a fantastic meal (be sure to order a 'Wave Maker"), and have fun.
  3. UNO will send you a check with what you earned within 4-6 weeks.


Dough Raiser Details & Participating UNOs

Details: If you spent over $1000 at UNO, %20 of your total check will be given back to SAA. If you spend under $1000, %15 of your total check will be given back to SAA.

Participating UNOs: Only UNOs in Massachusetts and Rhode Island will offer the SAA "Wave Maker" cocktail, but there are participating UNO all over the country where you can hold a "Dough Raiser."  


What is a "Wave Maker" Cocktail?

We're glad you asked. A "Wave Maker" is a cocktail that our good friends at UNO created that is inspired by the SAA "Wave Maker" (the friend of SAA that goes above and beyond in the fight against cancer)  and available exclusively to friends of SAA. Please drink your "Wave Makers" responsibly.


The "Wave Maker" Cocktail

1/2 oz stoli blueberry
1/2 oz stoli vanilla
2 oz pineapple juice
splash blue curacao

in a martini glass


 Questions? info@swimacrossamerica.org

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