About Us

Swim Across America Community

At Swim Across America, we have been swimming for a cure since 1987. We started with one event in Nantucket, MA and we have grown to hold dozens of events across the country.

Whether you have been swimming with us for 10 years, or jumping in for the first time this season, swimming with us means being a part of our SAA family.



All of our events are different, reflecting the community they represent, and those who participate always seem to develop deeper attachments to the swim every year.

It takes a special mixture of people to ensure this success and each and every person who has contributed to SAA in some way is to thank. We are all connected - from our swimmers and donors, to the brilliant doctors we support, to Swim Across America volunteers and employees. Together, we are making a measurable impact on countless lives.  We are mothers and daughters, athletes and volunteers, colleagues and loved ones. The Swim Across America community is one of the most committed in the world - and we can prove it.  

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