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2010 Current Members: 92
 2011 Current Members: 115
2012 Current Members: 104


SAA swimmers are some of the most committed athletes and fundraisers in the country. Some have been involved with Swim Across America for 20 years, and some are rookies this season. We value every dollar they raise and every stroke they swim. 

What is Club XCELLENCE?

There are, however, swimmers that go above and beyond the call of duty, the fundraising minimum for their event, and what we could ever expect from them. Those swimmers raise thousands of dollars for cancer research, prevention and treatment and, because of their hard work, they are members of SAA's Club XCELLENCE. A result of our new partnership with XTERRA wetsuits, Club XCELLENCE rewards our MVPs not only with the knowledge that they are making an impact in the fight against cancer but with some of the best swim gear in the world.


The Club XCELLENCE Member

 The Club XCELLENCE member is a swimmer that has raised at least $5,000 for SAA in 2012 - for one swim, across many swims, it doesn't matter. When one of our swimmers reaches this goal, we tell our good friends over at XTERRA and they provide some of their world class gear.


Club XCELLENCE Members Get

  • Swimmers who raise $5,000+ get an XTERRA transition tri bag
  • Swimmers who raise $7,500 + get a VORTEX 3 sleeveless wetsuit
  • Swimmers who raise $10,000 + get a VORTEX 3 fullsuit wetsuit

Please wait to be contacted by SAA if you have reached this goal.

Thanks to XTERRA for valuing our top guns as much as we do and for dressing them in the best wetsuits money can buy. Special thanks to our Club EXCELLENCE members... Hopefully, EXCELLENCE membership will grow to include thousands of SAA swimmers.

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