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Atlanta Open Water Swim

Team Parker

Teamwork... the cooperative efforts of a group of people in the interest of a common cause. As the Carrollton Bluefins, we work together as a team every day to get better at the sport we love most, swimming- our common cause. Through counting for each other on distance races, teaching the rookies how to read a heat sheet, and even the healthy competitions that have formed between the seniors, we work together to make both ourselves and our teammates improve in the water. The teamwork continues to our schools as well. Bremen, Central, Carrollton, Newnan- teamwork allows us to work towards the common cause of representing our schools in the classroom and in the pool.

For the second year in a row, the Carrollton Bluefins, with the help of our community, are coming together for a new common cause. Labeled Team Parker, we hope to make waves in honor of Parker Solberg, a middle schooler on our team who is cared for at Children's Healthcare for a brain tumor on his left optic nerve.  

We are participating in Swim Across America this year to help make waves against cancer and challenge ourselves to work towards a new common cause as a team by fundraising and swimming in the open water event in September. 

If you are interested in helping us reach our goals and supporting Children's Healthcare, you can make a donation to an individual swimmer below, or contact Amelia Farmer at to support Team Parker as a whole. 

Thank you for helping us fight for our common cause. 

"We've got a cheer.

We've got a yell.

We've got a team the fights like Helen in a highchair...."

-The Carrollton Bluefins team cheer


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Swim Across America, Inc., [SAA] is dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming- related events. With the help of hundreds of volunteers nationwide and past and current Olympians, SAA is helping find a cure for cancer through athleticism, community outreach and direct service.

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