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Chicago Open Water Swim

Superstars prepare for the Big Swim!
Superstars prepare for the Big Swim!

It's Better with Bacon

Here we go again! Team It’s Better with Bacon is making a comeback, with only 2 short months to raise $10,000 to CURE CANCER! But then, when do you know of us backing down from such a great challenge as this? So I’ll start with, please donate today!

We found out about Swim Across America through one of Peter’s teammates from Shabbona Park Swim Club (going back about 40 years!). Peter and Sean Russell (who is very active in the organization) connected a few years ago, where we learned about this great charity. Swim Across America has fundraisers all over the country. The wonderful thing about it, is that the money is donated local to the event. In our case, Rush University Medical Center will be the recipient of this fundraiser. Their docs and researchers come out on race day, and explain what they do, and are excited to explain how they plan to continue their research to CURE CANCER!

A visible success story was recently disclosed with a very touching letter from a Doctor at Johns Hopkins. He thanked Swim Across America for believing in his research and providing the funding for clinical trials for Keytruda (an immunotherapy vaccine). It has passed FDA approval and has spawned further research that will hopefully help more people.

As many of you know, our family has been struck with cancer over and over. We participated in some 5k walks, donated to various organizations, but none of it stuck…until this. Peter, a lifelong swimmer, and lover of open water swims and his niece (my daughter), Jillian plan on participating in the Swim Across Lake Michigan Relay this August. They both performed this feat 2 years ago – and are inspired to try it again. Jillian has been a competitive swimmer since she’s 5 years old, currently at the Leaning Tower YMCA. She is 16, an upcoming Junior at Maine South High School and has been on the Varsity Swim Team since Freshman year. Last time, I was basically a nervous wreck, tracking them the whole time they were on the journey. They started on a Friday night, from Chicago Yacht Club and swam, in relay format for the next about 20 hours to Michigan – 43 miles. When they got to shore, they were happy, exhausted, emotional, and had a bunch of stories of the various stages of the night. Last time, Peter and Jillian raised over $13,000 – which basically pays a researcher’s salary for 4 months. Please help us do it again, your donations count!

Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, grandparents, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, best friends, co-workers…..we are all affected by cancer. Our reason for trying to participate is simple – CURE IT! Find a way to stop this disease from progressing and affecting the lives of loved ones and their families. Jillian wrote her letter and personal page yesterday. She is an amazing kid and sensitive to the devastation of cancer. If you read her page, you’ll see that she’s dedicating her swim to our cousin, Monika. Monika is currently in the midst of her battle with cancer, and she is a fighter! We are seeing positive results as she rocks her way through this! We honor all of our family and friends who are fighting the fight, and wishing for good outcomes for all. We also remember those who fought the battle and lost. We need to find a cure. We can only get there with your help. Please donate today. No amount is too small or too big – all of it is appreciated, together we can make a difference.

When donating, please pick one of the members of our team as shown below.

Thank you for your help.
(Peter’s sister and Jillian’s mom)
You can make a credit card donation by clicking on one of the members of our team below, or send a check to 
Swim Across America - Chicago, 47 Polk Street, Suite 100-561, Chicago, IL 60605.


Check should be made out to Swim Across America but please include a note mentioning our team or the swimmer you are supporting!

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