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Long Island Sound Open Water Swim

Team Masters

My Friends,

Cancer... we all know someone.  In our lifetime, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. That's just a crazy statistic.

Swim Across America has been working to support cancer research, treatment, and prevention for 25 years. In that time SAA has raised millions for Sloan Kettering and the Columbia Children's Hospital, and made a real impact in the fight to find a cure. Since our effort began in Westchester, the landmark discoveries and treatments developed have been truly game-changing.

For this 25th Anniversary - and because it coincides with the 25th Anniversary of Westchester Masters - "Team Masters" was created to join the SAA community and become part of this determined effort.
If you've ever thought, "What can I do that will actually make a difference?", please click on the Link below and get in the fight ...for whomever you care about.

I don't believe in going to the well a whole lot - in fact I've almost never asked for support of a fundraising effort, usually just making donations out of my own pocket. This is wrong - more can be done with help from you than I can by myself. This fight is making a difference ...and so I'm asking.

Thank you for getting in the fight!

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