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Long Island Sound Open Water Swim

Team Nussbaum

This year we swim in memory of Jay Nussbaum. Husband, father, friend, businessman.

Jay’s commitment to his family was unrivaled. He was devoted to his wife of 26 years, who was the love of his life. He always took the time, despite his busy schedule practicing law and growing his firm, to love and mentor his two sons, as well as many of their friends, all of whom love basketball as much as Jay did. His proudest moments were witnessing his sons’ accomplishments, especially on the basketball court.

What set Jay apart, more than anything else, was his tenacity, generosity, sense of humor, and versatility, Jay’s professional experience extended far beyond the practice of law, encompassing business, entrepreneurship, arts, and academics. Over the course of his career, Jay served as General Counsel for three companies, as CEO to one, as a lawyer in a large Manhattan firm, and finally as a founding partner of BNR. Personally, Jay was a prolific and gifted writer who published two novels. He was also a sixth degree Karate black belt and loved coaching, playing, and watching his sons play basketball.

While his legacy lives on via his family and law practice, he, like many others, was taken too soon. Jay's battle with pancreatic cancer ended in April, at the far too young age of 58.

Please join us on July 28 as we swim in Jay's memory and to raise money to beat this terrible disease.


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