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Moses Lake Open Water Swim

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

The 2014 Moses Lake Open Water Swim has been postponed until 2015. Please check back later for more information. If you already registered to swim, we will be in touch regarding your fundraising and other swim opportunities. Thank you for understanding!

The Moses Lake Open Water Swim includes swimmers of all ages and skill levels.  Swim as an individual or as a team to honor loved ones who have been affected by cancer. All proceeds from the swim benefit Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). Confluence Health is a member of the SCCA network. Whether you are a returning SAA swimmer or looking to do your first open water swim, we welcome you to the Swim Across America family and hope you will join us as we "Make Waves to Fight Cancer."


Make a Gift
Top Fundraisers

1 Mile Swimmer

  1. Fundraiser Kickstarter Melea Johnson - $75.00
  2. Fundraiser Kickstarter Angus Lee - $50.00

2.4 Mile Swimmer

  1. Fundraiser Kickstarter Stephen Harger - $50.00
  2. Fundraiser Kickstarter Zack Johnston - $50.00

Land Volunteer

  1. "Rock Star" Badge Heather Fleming - $775.00
Team Honor Roll
  1. Miss Moses Lake Roundup - $775.00
  2. VENUE Magazine - $75.00
  3. manta ray aquatics - $50.00
  4. Friends of Angus - $50.00

Swimmers & Teams

A swimmer may elect to swim either the ½ ,1 or 2.4 mile swim.   The registration process will allow you to create an individual webpage to track your fundraising efforts.

Teams can also be formed to swim in honor or in memory of an individual. Teams must have at least 3 swimmers and must raise at least $900.  Any swimmer may be part of a team, no matter in which distance he/she elects to swim. Click here to learn more about creating a team.

In our experience all participants find it gratifying to make an impact in this fight against cancer by using their swimming abilities. This swim is designed to include all types of swimmers from Master Swimmers, Olympians, recreational swimmers, and competitive swim club swimmers.  

Kid's Splash!

Learn about this year's new Kid Splash! Children age 11 and under are welcome to take part in a 50m freestyle open water swim on event day.  Click here to learn more!

Virtual Participation

If you would like to support the Moses Lake Swim, but aren't able to swim with us on event day, please sign up as a Virtual Participant. Additionally, if you are part of a company that is interested in supporting a team of swimmers in this year's event, you can create a team and be team captain as a Virtual Participant. Other virtual participants from your company and swimmers will then be able to join your team.


Contact Melea with event questions at melea@swimacrossamerica.org

The timeline below is a tentative timeline. More details will be posted as the swim day approaches. 


Blue Heron Park
Moses Lake, WA

7:00 – 8:00 am: Registration/Check In
7:50 : Swimmer safety meeting and group photo. Please be prompt, we want you included!
8:00 am:   Start 2.4 mile swim 
8:20 am:   Start 1 mile swim 
8:25 am: Start 1/2 mile swim 
9:15 am: Kids gather for the Kid's Splash
10:00 am (approx): Awards ceremony
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Swimmer Requirements

  • Choose from 1/2 mile, 1 mile or 2.4 mile distances. 
  • There is a $50 registration fee that will count towards your fundraising efforts
  • We ask that each swimmer raise at least $150
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Swim Across America makes swimmer safety the most important component of all our swimming events.  Our Safety Director is responsible for coordinating all activities within the event, and will work closely with both local Police, the Fire Department and Marine Patrol representatives to ensure swimmer safety. We will have lifeguards, safety kayakers and safety boats to ensure swimmer safety at all times.  All boats will be able to communicate via both hand held and ship to shore radios. All swimmers are required to follow specific procedures to participate in the event.  These procedures are designed to protect swimmers from injury and will be enforced by the event’s Safety Director.

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