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Seattle Open Water Swim

Laura, Fran and Kellie!
Laura, Fran and Kellie!

Flutter Kicking Cancer's Butt!

In large fundraisers like this, everyone has their own reason for swimming or donating. I swim and work to raise money for Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. My husband, Jeff, has been a patient there for nearly 7 years. Besides having some of the best physicians in the country, the caring and compassionate folks who work at SCCA are truly a gift to those who seek out their care. Some of the funding from last year’s SAA-Seattle helped a research project for Dr. Pillarasetty. He just happens to be Jeff’s pancreas surgeon and was the first of many who not only saved Jeff’s life but let him keep his high quality of life! (Thank you Venu!)

So this feels pretty personal to me and so many I love.

Joining me this year are great friends Laura Henderson and Kellie Langenwalter. We are TEAM - FLUTTER KICKING CANCERS BUTT!

You can make a credit card donation here, or send a check to Swim Across America - Seattle, 8711 SE 44th Place, Mercer Island, WA 98040.

Check should be made out to Swim Across America but please include a note mentioning my name as the swimmer you are supporting!

Thank you!!
These projects have a potential to advance detection, diagnosis, and care of pancreatic cancer—the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the country. Noteworthy strides:

• Dr. Venu Pillarisetty, a surgical oncologist, is leading research of the complex interaction between immune cells and cancer cells, and studying how therapies can be improved for pancreatic cancer patients. $40,000 in early support from Swim Across America (in 2011), helped launch his work, which has allowed him to leverage an additional $1 million in funding today, with one published paper and another to be published soon.

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