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Chicago Open Water Swim

Saturday, July 26th, 2014

The Chicago Open Water Swim includes swimmers of all ages and skill levels.  Swim as an individual or as a team to honor loved ones who have been affected by cancer. All proceeds from the swim benefit the Rush University Medical Center. Whether you are a returning SAA swimmer or looking to do your first open water swim, we welcome you to the Swim Across America family and hope you will join us as we "Make Waves to Fight Cancer."

Register before May 15th with a registration fee of $25! The fee will increase to $50 on May 15th! 


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Top Fundraisers

WaveMaker Swimmer

  1. "Heart" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Stephen Schlegel - $3,975.00
  2. "SAA Superstar"  Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Mark Stori - $2,025.00
  3. "SAA Superstar"  Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter David McClellan - $1,425.00
  4. "SAA Superstar"  Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Morgan Piasecki - $1,110.00
  5. "Rock Star" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Nikki Gorman - $650.00
  6. "Rock Star" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Justin Ward - $525.00
  7. "Thumbs Up" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Alison Pease - $428.00
  8. "Thumbs Up" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Christine Magnuson - $425.00
  9. "Thumbs Up" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Mark Beening - $400.00
  10. "Thumbs Up" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Jake Kirchgessner - $275.00


  1. "Rock Star" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Emily Crabtree - $645.00
  2. "Rock Star" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Kendra Robinson - $525.00
  3. "Thumbs Up" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Katie Kirchgessner - $450.00
  4. "Thumbs Up" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Les Inch - $375.00
  5. "Thumbs Up" Badge Fundraiser Kickstarter Andrea Morales - $275.00
  6. Fundraiser Kickstarter Erica Dorfman - $225.00
  7. Fundraiser Kickstarter Julie Schraith - $150.00
  8. Fundraiser Kickstarter Amy Parr - $125.00
  9. Fundraiser Kickstarter Marissa Filippo - $125.00
  10. Fundraiser Kickstarter Scott Olsen - $75.00

Under 18 Swimmer

  1. Fundraiser Kickstarter Mike Karpinski - $25.00
Team Honor Roll
  1. Team Anne, Mike & Friends - $4,750.00
  2. Team Hawkeye - $2,125.00
  3. Team Longhorn - $1,425.00
  4. Rush University Medical Center and Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush - $1,385.00
  5. Team BDT - $850.00
  6. Swedish Fish - $725.00
  7. Nurses Against Hearses - $725.00
  8. Rush Radiation Oncology Lake Sharks - $720.00
  9. Team Chapa - $425.00
  10. Team Life - $300.00
  11. Team Russ - $200.00
  12. Chicago Smelts - $175.00
  13. Streeterville Flounders - $125.00
  14. Team Danny - $75.00
  15. Blue Racers - $50.00
  16. Drowning Domers - $50.00

Swimmers & Teams:

A person may elect to swim alone, or be part of a team. Many colleagues will form corporate teams, or teams may be formed in honor or memory of a loved one.  All teams are inspirational and rewarding for all of us involved with Swim Across America.  Through swimming events such as ours, teams clearly demonstrate our commitment to find a cure. 

The team fundraising minimum is equal to a lower individual minimum multiplied by the number of people on the team (for example, if there are 5 people on the team, the team minimum would be 5 x $500 so it would be $2,500).  


Our goal is to underwite 100% of our event expenses so that 100% of the money raised by our swimmers will go directly to cancer research. If you would like to help with a corporate sponsorship, please contact Mark Stori at markstori01@gmail.com


Click here to view all event day details including information about parking, timing and the venue.


Click here to visit our contact us page or reach out to one of our Event Co-Chairs David McClellan or Charlie Cunnick.

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Swimmer Requirements

This is a fundraising event, and we ask all of our swimmers to put forth a concerted effort to raise money for cancer research. Most swimmers find that it is surprisingly easy to raise money, especially those swimmers who use the website we provide to update their personal page and send emails.

You can register as either a Swimmer or a WaveMaker Swimmer.  

Swimmer - A swimmer is required to raise $500 by event day.  They will receive a tshirt and towel for their fundraising efforts. Swimmers under 18 are required to raise $100 by event day.

WaveMaker Swimmer - A WaveMaker Swimmer is required to raise $1,000 by event day.  By pledging to raise this much in advance, we will award all WaveMakers who reach this goal with a special hat and Swim Across America wristband. 

Additionally, any swimmer who raises the following levels will receive incentives:
$2,500 or more will receive a premium SAA Jacket.
$5,000 or more will receive an XTERRA transition backpack after the event
$7,500 or more will receive an XTERRA sleeveless wetsuit
$10,000 or more will receive an XTERRA fullsuit wetsuit 

After choosing which type is right for you, you can choose your distance. You can choose from 1/2 mile, 1 mile, 1.5 mile or 3 mile distances.

There is a registration fee that will be credited towards each swimmer's fundraising minimum after registering. The registration fee will change as follows:

  • Register before May 15th with a registration fee of $25
  • Register between May 15th and July 1st with a registration fee of $50
  • Register on or after July 1st with a registration fee of $75
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