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Every 15 minutes, 50 Americans are diagnosed with cancer. This is a sobering reality. But, the good news is that every year millions of Americans are beating cancer through advancements in treatments. Swim Across America, the official charity for swimmers, exists to raise money for our network of doctors and researchers who are the pioneers developing new cures and treatments to this dreaded disease. Michael Phelps and over 100 Olympians support SAA.


  • Swim Across America is the inspired sequel to a triumphant Run Across America completed by the two founders of SAA, Jeff Keith and Matt Vossler in 1985. The eight-month journey spanned the country from Boston to Los Angeles and raised over $1 million for cancer research. Jeff Keith, one of the determined runners, a 22-year-old from Fairfield, CT, had lost his right leg to cancer a decade before. Following college graduation, these two childhood buddies embarked on their mission, making history in the process. Together, they instilled hope in all who fight this disease and heightened consciousness about overcoming this frightening diagnosis.

    It was in 1987 that Keith and Vossler decided to bring their cause back home and transitioned from running to swimming for a cure. With a focus on raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment, Swim Across America was chartered as a 501c3 nonprofit organization.


  • Cancer survivor Jeff Keith, and childhood friends Matt Vossler and Hugh Curran, created our first fundraiser in 1987 in Nantucket, MA.


  • Since 1987, SAA has granted over $85 million through 21 experiential open water swimming fundraising events and over 100 pool swim fundraisers


  • 2020 marks the 34th year of Swim Across America. During that time, we’ve grown from a single event in Nantucket, MA, to the 21 open water benefit swims across the country and 100 annual pool swims.


  • Swim Across America is proud to support some of the best cancer research facilities the country has to offer. SAA has been honored with a named SAA Lab at nine of these beneficiaries through the swim partnerships.

  • BBB accreditation
  • guide star accreditation

Swim Across America is certified by the BBB® Giving Wise Alliance demonstrating our commitment to accountability. We have earned Guidestar Platinum status, the highest level of recognition of transparency for non-profits.