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Atlanta Open Water Swim

Team Josh

My husband, Josh, passed away from a brain tumor in April 2016 after an almost 8 year fight. I was (and always will be) so proud of and inspired by Josh's fight against cancer and how he lived his life while doing it -- and, that life involved a lot of swimming! He absolutely LOVED swimming and the swimming community - it is also how we met 28 years ago. So, I thought joining the Swim Across America community would be an appropriate way to honor his memory and help raise money for the fight against cancer.

Please support us by joining Team Josh in the water for the swim on September 28th or making a donation. Team Josh has a goal to raise $5,000. Thank you for your generosity and may it lead to a cancer-free world!

If you want to join us in the water for the swim on September 28th (disclosure note: Swim Across America requires a minimum $400 fundraising committment for each swimmer), you can register through this site by clicking on the "Join Team" button. There are varying distance options available, 5k down to a 1/2 mile swim, and a duck splash -- so, lots of options to choose from.

 If you want to make a donation, you can either make a credit card donation or send in a check.

  • If making a credit card donation through this site and you intend to support a specific individual swimmer, please be sure to first find the name of the individual swimmer you want to support under the Team Roster list, click on the name and once you are on that swimmer's page, click the "Donate Now" button.  (Alternatively, if you want to make a donation to the team in general, then, you can click on the "Donate Now" button on this team page.)
  • If you prefer to donate via a check, please make check payable to Swim Across America and mail to Swim Across America, c/o Nancy Peek, PO Box 1078, Tucker, GA 30085. If you are sending in check to support a specific swimmer then please write their name into the memo field of the check.  If you are sending check in to support the team in general then write "Team Josh" in the memo field of the check.

Any donations made to support an individual swimmer will count towards the Team Josh goal of raising $5,000 to help fight cancer.

Thank you so much for your support!!

Love, Alison


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