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Charlotte Coast to Coast Challenge

MSA Team Out of My Box

Welcome to Team Out of My Box's Fund Raising Page!!!!!

We welcome all swimmers on our team! The core of our team is made of Mecklenburg Swim Assocaition Masters. We swim in honor of Brian Miller, MSA swimmer,  who passed away  December of 2016 after a brief battle with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, teammates who have battled cancer, friends, relatives  and his friend Anne Lynn who is a 10 year survivor of Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Brian and Anne met through a support group for Lung Cancer survivors. 

Brian's natural fitness routine really was running, but his daughter Lindsey convinced him to learn to swim. Brian liked and crursed the challenge of swimming, but what brought him to the pool was his lanemates and teammates. Brian was clever and always no matter what had a positive outlook. He really faced his battle with the same positivity, strength and courage. He insipired the entire team. In March of 2016, at the age of 58 going through treatment for Stage 4 Lung Cancer Brian entered his first swim meet. His thoughts about entering his first swim meet was, "I am so far out of my box, I can't see it anymore!" This is where we got our team name. 

How did that first swim meet go? Well Brian missed his goal of breaking a minute in the 50 Free. He was despondent and then horrified to find out he was going to lead off the Free Relay and have another crack at breaking a minute!  He said, "Good Lord, I am on a relay? I am the slowest person in the meet!" His coach convinced him to take advantage of this opportunity!!! His teammates got him psyched and yelled like crazy. When Brian hit the wall he looked up at the electronic clock to see he had smoked a minute by recording a 58 something. Our team went crazy and Brian just beamed with pride.

The benefircieriy of the Charlote Swim Across America Event is the Levine Cancer Institute that has served folks like Brian and Anne, as well as providing money to find the root of cancer and eliminate it! These Doctors need help and need funding from such events as Swim Across America to [ay for the research. 

Please consider joining or supporting our Team Out of My Box!

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