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2024 LIS - Long Island Sound Open Water Swim

Team Ellen Perley & Billy Perley

Ellen Perley was the shining light in every room she walked into. She was a woman with the unique ability to genuinely make whoever she spoke to feel like they were the most important person in the world. She was an incredible wife to her beloved husband. She was the greatest mother her two sons could have ever asked for. She was a woman that lived life with passion in her soul and love in her heart. Over the years, she taught her sons to defiantly put their trust in God and understand that the only things under our control are the effort we give each day, how we handle events we could not foresee, and our ability to live in the moment and enjoy those around us. Nobody did all three better than my mother, and while I know she is currently watching over us all it is my responsibility to make sure her spirit lives on.

Billy Perley was a father, husband, brother, friend, gentleman, natural athlete, and a fighter in every sense of the word. Billy lived a beautiful life and had the rare ability to befriend anyone he ever met. In 2010, Billy died while battling Melanoma skin cancer. He was only 50 years old. Billy was a blessing to all who had the opportunity to be in his presence; he lived life with grace and passion. 

We are committed to doing everything we can for the rest of our lives to carry Ellen & Billy's torches and fight this disease that harms too many of our loved ones each day.

The progress made in research and treatments over the last decade has been immense - with a passionate mindset we believe an all-out cure could be within reach ten years from today. Please help us fight one of if not the most prominent opponent of our generation and join Team Ellen Perley & Billy Perley.

We must never give up; we must never surrender; we must not fritter away our time; we must get action; we must defeat cancer; together, we will defeat cancer.

Thank you,
Team Ellen Perley & Billy Perley

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Swim Across America, Inc., [SAA] is dedicated to raising money and awareness for cancer research, prevention and treatment through swimming- related events. With the help of hundreds of volunteers nationwide and past and current Olympians, SAA is helping find a cure for cancer through athleticism, community outreach and direct service.

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