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Welcome to the Swim Across America - Nantucket Island Open Water Swim.
Swimmers of all ages and skill levels are invited to take part in our annual event at beautiful Jetties Beach and help us support cancer treatment and patient care on Nantucket Island.


Welcome to the Swim Across America - Nantucket Open Water Swim! SAA - Nantucket has raised over $3 million over the past eight years for our beneficiaries: Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket. Thank you for your support of cancer care on Natucket Island.

Each year we are proud to host over 400 swimmers and volunteers, spectators and supporters, as well as Olympians near and far at our charity swim. We are so excited to have you join us for our annual swim on July 24th on Nantucket Island!

Whether you are a veteran swimmer or you're looking to do your first open water swim, we welcome you to help us "Make Waves to Fight Cancer."

Swim Across America is dedicated to providing a safe return to events in 2021.


SAA - Nantucket funds benefit Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket.


SAA - Nantucket has raised over $3 million to support Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket!

Nantucket Cottage Hospital Program Details

This program allows island cancer patients to receive oncology services at Nantucket Cottage Hospital rather than the mainland, saving them from burdensome and expensive travel while suffering from cancer. The program brings a team of cancer specialists to the island every week for patient consultations. In addition, a Board Certified Advanced Practice Oncology Registered Nurse is on-site to see cancer patients five days a week.

Palliative and Supportive Care of Nantucket Program Details

This program provides direct care and services to patients and families who are coping with cancer. Care is provided through a Nurse Practitioner, a part time APRN Oncology NP, Palliative Care Counselors, Social Workers, Program Assistant, Chaplain, Medical Director, and volunteers and is provided in any setting. Services are provided free of charge and are fully supported through donations and grants.

Read more about the project impact here.



Swim as an Individual, or on a Team:

A person may elect to swim alone, or be part of a team. Many colleagues will form teams, or teams may be formed in honor or memory of a loved one. All teams are inspirational and rewarding for all of us involved with Swim Across America. Teams must have a minimum of 3 swimmers and each swimmer is still required to meet the individual fundraising minimum of $200. Each team has a fundraising minimum of $1,000.

WaveMaker Status: $1,000 minimum:

WaveMakers go above and beyond the call of duty by raising at least $1,000 regardless of your age. Anyone can achieve WaveMaker status - swimmers, volunteers or SAA My Way participants. WaveMakers get special recognition and an exclusive WM gift on event day. You can learn more about WaveMaker Status here.

Kids' Splash:

Swimmers ages 6-11 (exceptions made by the event director) are invited to join us for a Kids' Splash before the 1 milers start their swim. Kid swimmers will swim a short swim (about 50 yards) in the water to take part in the event. Kids must be able to swim 50 yards to enter the swim.

There is a $25 registration fee to take part in the Kids' Splash and we ask that you sign up ahead of time. The minimum fundraising requirement is $50 ($25 fee included). To register, click on the register on the home tab. Then you'll be able to select the Kids' Splash option.

Four-Mile Swim Experience:

We will host a four-mile swim along the North Shore of Nantucket. The swim will be limited to the first 12 registered four mile swimmers to raise $4,000 and to the first 12 registered 2x2 mile teams to raise $5,000 (each individual to raise $2,500). The swim will take place on Sunday July 25th. Swimmers will need to be on island a few days early to attend a pre-swim meeting. Each swimmer must provide his or her own kayaker and be able to complete the swim within three hours. Relay swimmers will share the same kayaker who will kayak the entire 4 mile course. Any swimmer in the water after three hours (or 1 1/2 hours for the 2 mile relay legs) may be pulled from the course at the discretion of the SAA Safety Director and/or Co-Event directors. The alternate dates in case of inclement weather are TBA.

Swimmers will verify their one mile swim time and past open water experience with Co-Event directors prior to the swim (email

Fundraising Requirements:

  • 0.25-Mile, 0.5-Mile and 1.0-Mile Swims - $200
  • WaveMaker Swimmer - $1,000
  • 2x2-Mile Swim Relay - $2,500 (per swimmer)
  • 4-Mile Swim - $4,000
  • Kids Splash - $50

Distance Options:

  • 0.25 Mile
  • 0.5 Mile
  • 1.0 Mile
  • 2.0 Mile
  • 4.0 Mile

Registration Self-Donation:

Swimmers will be asked to kickstart your fundraising and let your supporters know you are personally committed to the mission of SAA. The registration self-donation is a 100% tax deductible donation that will be will be credited towards each swimmer's fundraising minimum. The minimum self-donation amount will change as follows:

  • Register before April 26th with a registration fee of $50
  • Register between April 27th and June 26th with a registration fee of $75
  • Register between June 27th and event day with a registration fee of $100

Online registration will close at midnight on Thursday, July 22nd! Event day registration may still be available if space permits.

Wetsuit Rentals and Purchases:

Wetsuits are encouraged but not required. The water temperature is expected to be in the low 70s.

Online Rental: is offering $15 off with code SAA15 on adult and youth wetsuit rentals. You can find more info here.

Online Purchase: Orca is offering a 15% discount on all Orca wetsuits with code SAAPARTICIPANT15.


All swimmers and volunteers must complete the waiver found here.

Course Map

2015 Nantucket Course Map


What is SAA MY WAY?

SAA My Way is our virtual offering where you decide your activity and timeline. Register with a $50 self-donation and we’ll send you an SAA Swag Bag to show off your spirit. All donations raised for your My Way will support our SAA-Nantucket event. If you meet the fundraising minimum and later choose to join us at the swim, we can change your registration status. Click here to learn about all the ways you can have fun your way!

To sign up as an SAA My Way participant for our event, click the register button above and select 'SAA My Way' as your participation type.


Volunteers are the backbone of the Swim Across America Family ensuring our event run smoothly from beginning to end. Even if you aren’t a swimmer, you can still help us in the fight against cancer. Don’t forget, volunteers can fundraise too if they want! Ready to volunteer with us? Click on the Register button and select the Volunteer participation type.

Land Volunteers

Land Volunteers staff all aspects of our event on land. You can anticipate helping with set up, swimmer check-in, finish line support, hospitality and post-swim events/clean up.

Water Volunteers

Water volunteers consist of kayakers, stand-up paddleboarders and power boaters that provide crucial logistical and safety support to our event officials and for our swimmers. They will monitor the swim lane, keep an active eye on all our swimmers and communicate any swimmer issues to our event officials.

Questions about volunteering? Check out our SAA Volunteer Page or contact our Volunteer Coordinator Carrie Riden.


If this is your first time participating or if you just need some tips to be a better fundraiser, click here. It will walk you through the participant center and teach you how to email donors, share on social media sites and download the fundraising app. You can find more helpful resources on our fundraising resources page.

Be a WaveMaker by taking your fundraising to the next level and raising $1000! Anyone can achieve WaveMaker status - swimmers, volunteers or SAA My Way participants. WaveMakers get special recognition and an exclusive WM gift on event day. You can learn more about WaveMaker Status here.

You may support the swimmer of your choice by making an online donation. Or you may send a check, payable to Swim Across America, to the address below:

Swim Across America - Nantucket
PO Box 3271
Nantucket, MA 02584

Make sure to include a note with the name of the swimmer you are donating to.


2021 Return to Events Updates:

For three decades, Swim Across America has been committed to providing a safe environment for our charity activities. COVID-19 brings a new dimension as we create our safety protocols. Each of our charity swims will abide by local, state and national guidelines. COVID-19 will likely have some impact on our ability to offer the day of experience you’ve come to expect.

All participants and volunteers will be asked to follow safety procedures and policies. Participants are responsible for adequately preparing for their registered charity event. We ask that all participants review the information packet provided in advance and attend the day-of safety briefing if you are participating in our live experience.

We appreciate your understanding as we commit to creating the best possible environment for our participants, volunteers and community. Our Return to Events Updates can be found here. Please check this page for any changes.

SAA Safety & Policies:

Swim Across America makes participant safety the most important component of all our events. All swimmers will be asked to follow specific safety procedures and policies to participate, as well as comply with SAA safety personnel, including local and government entities, Lifeguards, and water safety volunteers. Participants are responsible for adequately preparing for their registered event. We ask that all participants review the information packet provided in advance of event day, as well as attend the day-of safety briefing for important safety information.

If you have questions about our policies regarding inclement weather, swim equipment or wetsuits, please consult our Policies page.


All swimmers and volunteers must complete the waiver found here.


Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

6:30-7:30 am: Registration/Check in

7:30 am: Registration Closes

7:45 am: Swimmer Safety Talk, Why I Swim

8:10 am: Opening Ceremony/National Anthem

8:12 AM: 1/4 Mile Swimmers Walk to Start

8:15 am: Kids' Splash

8:20 am: 1/4 Mile and 1 Mile Swim Start

8:22 am: 1/2 Mile Swim Start

8:50 am: Breakfast

9:20 am: Awards Ceremony


Transportation and Lodging

Nantucket is easily reachable year round by ferry boat or plane service. During the busy summer season, the town encourages visitors to limit bringing their cars over by providing a seasonal shuttle system giving the community an essential transportation option around the island. There are miles of town maintained by bike paths, town owned beaches & beautiful harbors for moorings all enhancing the experience on the island. From the beautiful sunsets of Madaket to the charming small village of Siasconset, the public can view the beautiful landscapes, historic homes or wide spread beaches until reaching their special and personal Nantucket destination.

For more information on Nantucket, the best place to go is the Nantucket Visitor's Services by clicking here. For options for places to stay, please click here.


Interested in being a SAA - Nantucket Sponsor?

If you'd like to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please review this 2021 Sponsorship Guide or email us.


Check out our Why I Swim video archive on our SAA-Nantucket Youtube page!


If you have any questions about SAA - Nantucket, please contact Jill Roethke or Jim Pignato.

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