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2024 San Francisco Bay Open Water Swim

Blue Boobies

We are a group of merpeople who regularly swim at Albany Bulb. You can find us in the water at 8am (or earlier) on most weekdays as well as the weekend.  Come by one day and join us for an East Bay swim!

Of course, life is not always a beach - so we are planning a special swim to support our group members, family and friends diagnosed with cancer, while raising funds to benefit UCSF Benioff's cancer research efforts.

Just like we watch out for each other in our swims, our message is that no one fights cancer alone.  Please support our team by donating!

Founded in 1987, Swim Across America has hosted charity swims with one goal: to raise money for innovative cancer research that would lead to breakthrough treatments and therapies. Since then, Swim Across America has raised over $100M to fund the next generation of pioneers in oncology and cancer-support care. 


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