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2021 San Francisco Bay Open Water Swim

The Roller Brothers

In our lifetime, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. We joined the Swim Across America community so that we can change that.  

On October 3, my brothers and I will be participating in an open water swim from Little Marina Green to Aquatic Park Cove. The point to point swim is 1.5 miles long in the San Francisco Bay. We decided to participate in this event to honor both of my grandmas. On my mom’s side, my grandma had breast cancer and is a survivor. Sadly, my grandma on my Dad’s side passed away due to Pancreatic Cancer. Pancreatic Cancer is more often than not detected late because symptoms in early stages are rarely seen. The cancer is usually found in patients after it has already spread, where symptoms such as jaundice, pain, and weight loss occur. This was sadly the case for my grandma. The pancreatic cancer had already spread throughout her body before the doctors could catch and treat it. Although cancer took her life, my grandma remained extremely positive throughout everything and always had a smile on her face despite the circumstances.

If you are able, please support us by making a donation. The researchers we are funding are in our community and are the next generation of cancer pioneers. Researchers are looking for ways to screen for cancers that appear in later stages, so they can be found and treated early on. Clinical Trials at HCI and other medical centers are testing new ways to treat the disease, such as a promising new combination therapy, creating hope for a future in which cancer is not the lethal disease it is today. The cancer research, patient programs, and clinical trials we are funding can help save our loved ones and make a difference in the world. Without Swim Across America early stage funding, they are not able to conduct trials that can lead to breakthroughs that can save lives. Thank you for helping make an impact in the fight to find a cure! Any dollar amount is very much appreciated!

  Your donations at work

$5- Can provide an hour of toll-free access to the National Cancer Information Center, providing support and valuable information for a newly diagnosed patient anywhere in the country. 

$10 - Can provide a Petri dish for cancer research, essential to the life-saving work of scientific discovery.

$15 - Can provide 50 test tubes needed by scientists working on a cure for cancer.

$20 - The cost of dividing DNA taken from 5 of the 1,200 cases during the American Cancer
Society’s Prevention Study II, which helps researchers understand the genetics of cancer.

$30 - Can purchase a glass Erlenmeyer flask, which allow researchers to mix and/or store different
substances, including potentially beneficial drugs, to research their cancer-related effects.

$150 - Can provide lodging to a patient to help them get to treatment and ease financial burden.

Please reach out to me (408-438-8445) if you are interested in joining us in the swim. 

Thank you!



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You can make a donation online by clicking on the 'Donate Now' button on this page. 


If you prefer to donate via check, please send check donations to Swim Across America, c/o Nathaniel Berger, 921 Church St., San Francisco, CA 94114.


Check should be made out to Swim Across America but please include a note mentioning our team or the swimmer you are supporting!





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