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2021 San Francisco Bay Open Water Swim

2019 SMAC SAA Group Photo
2019 SMAC SAA Group Photo

SMAC Out Cancer

Fellow SMAC Swimmers, Members, and Staff

Let’s show the SF Bay Open Water participants that our SMAC Out Cancer team can raise lots of money for a great cause (UCSF’s pediatric cancer programs) even without holding our SMAC poolside event this year!

All donations raised will be split 50/50 between two wonderful UCSF pediatric cancer programs. The UCSF Pediatric Cancer Research team is searching for better treatment options and cures, while UCSF’s Survivorship Program is developing tools to ensure kids follow-up on key medical tests and checks throughout their lifetimes.

Why support these UCSF programs? Because cancer sucks!  We all know someone who is fighting or has lost a battle with cancer.  It’s especially tragic when a child is diagnosed.  To make matters worse, COVID has significantly limited family visits for these kids during treatment!  And while we're happy that so many kids can be cured, a lot of them will suffer another significant cancer or major medical issue before age 45 as a result of their cancer treatments.  More cures and treatments with less long term side effects are needed!

How can we help?  By donating to our SMAC Out Cancer team (Donate Now button), fundraising ourselves using SAA My Way (Join our Team button), or sharing our SMAC Out Cancer fundraiser widely with our friends and family.

Any amount donated, large or small, is appreciated.  If every SMAC member gives five or ten dollars each we'd crush our goal this year!

For questions about how to join our team, where/how to send checks, or additional information on UCSF's pediatric cancer programs, please don’t hesitate to email me at

Thank you for supporting our SMAC Out Cancer fundraisers since 2012!

Cap’n John (Salcido)

SMAC Out Cancer Team


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You can make a donation online by clicking on the 'Donate Now' button on this page. 


If you prefer to donate via check, please send check donations to Swim Across America, c/o Nathaniel Berger, 921 Church St., San Francisco, CA 94114.


Check should be made out to Swim Across America but please include a note mentioning our team or the swimmer you are supporting!





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