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Seattle Coast to Coast Challenge


Team No Limits

Team No Limits will swim again this year to raise funds for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. 2020 will be our 12th year swimming as a team. This year, since we can’t come together for an open water swim, Team No Limits will participate in the Swim Across America: Coast to Coast challenge. We will take to the water, the trails or the road to log activity miles to travel across America virtually.

In 2020, our Team swims to honor the courage and fortitude of Don Myrick, a fellow swimmer and team member of the Bainbridge Aquatic Masters (BAM) team. Don has been swimming with BAM for over a decade. His smiling upbeat attitude is a joy to see, even at the 5:15 AM practices where he is usually found! Don is one of those lane mates who never “makes waves” and seems to always have a smile and optimistic attitude throughout practice.

Don, unfortunately, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer just before Covid-19 took over the lives of all. Despite the challenges, Don could be found at practice between chemotherapy sessions (before practices were cancelled). As practices now slowly start again (with one swimmer per lane), Don is once again back swimming with the team.

2020 brings challenges to so many people in many different places. Covid-19 has only made the diagnosis and treatment of cancer more herculean. Don and his family have had to face the terrifying world of cancer treatment in the midst of the ever evolving, ever changing understanding by the medical profession of the Covid – 19 virus.

Don is not alone as cancer patients across the globe have had to navigate new threats and challenges as they seek care. Philanthropic support for cancer research continues to be critical to ensuring the fight against cancer and the pandemic makes the work both more difficult and more important than ever.

The Seattle Swim Across America (SAA) event will continue to support the Pancreatic Cancer Specialty Clinic and the Swim Across America Cellular Therapy Lab at the SCCA. Pancreatic cancer is the 3rd leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the US. Unfortunately, it in one of the few cancers where survival rates have not increased substantially over the last 40 years. Researchers often have a very difficult time obtaining traditional grant support for novel ideas until some initial data is collected to support a proposal. The funds raised from our swims over the past decade have funded pilot studies helping to understand pancreatic cancer, hopefully paving the way for future full-scale research and treatment proposals.

By supporting these exciting programs, Swim Across America is helping support research excellence and treatment advances for all cancer patients. We hope for your support to help the SCCA if you are able during these challenging times. So far Team No Limits has raised over $125,000 for cancer research and we want to continue this support in 2020.  If you’d like to join in the fun, register to log activity miles with us! Every bit helps and will make an impact in the fight to find a cure.  Thanks for your ongoing support of Team No Limits.

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