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Start Planning your event 

All you need is a love for swimming and the desire to make a difference. Planning a swim involves recruiting swimmers, fundraising and a pool! Swim Across America will support you throughout the whole process. From helping you choose goals, to providing flyers and swag, to building your website, to giving you the best online fundraising tools.


How to Start a Pool Swim

Swim Across America Event Directors come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, but they all share two things in common. They are passionate about finding a cure for cancer and they want to make a difference with swimming. If you want to join our ranks and become a Swim Across America "Event Director," here is where you start...

1) Request the Guide - Email saa@swimacrossamerica.org and request our "How to Hold a Pool Swim" Guide.

2) Kickoff - You are now a Swim Across America Event Director! SAA helps you begin your planning.

3) Decisions - SAA helps you pick a pool, a goal, a date, etc.

4) Setup - SAA provides, flyers, website, online fundraising, etc.

5) Build Up - You recruit and drive fundraising.

6) Event Day - Have Fun


Some Great SAA Pool Swims

Pool swims come in all shapes and sizes. Some are community-wide and some are team oriented. Some last all summer and some last an hour. Some have $5,000 goals and some have $50,000 goals.  Here are a few examples.

for a Cure
Swim 4 a Cure 
to a Cure 
 ThankSwimming Pool Site   metuchen    raceway
Open to everyone, the event included swimmers of all ages and skill levels (from kids to Masters Swimmers to Olympians). Everyone gathered at the New York Sports Club the day after Thanksgiving and swam a 1 mile, 1/2 mile, or a relay. The event raised over $23,000   The Metuchen Swim was the first ever SAA Pool Program Event and has grown each year since then. Open only to Metuchen Club swimmers and family members, this event is extremely community oriented and has grown into a community tradition. Our only challenge is coming up with new prizes to give them every year!    When 10 year old David Drew passed away in March of 2010, his family and friends created "Raceway to a Cure," in his honor... Named for his love of race cars, the event is a summer long program where each swimmer pledges to swim and raise money in honor of David throughout the summer culminating in a group event in August.
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