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Our Corporate Sponsors

Swim Across America welcomes the opportunity to work with corporate sponsors who share our passion for "Making Waves to Fight Cancer" and are willing to assist us in achieving our all-important goals.

As we continue realizing our dreams -- funding cancer research, expanding in numbers of participants, heightening public awareness and inaugurating events in new cities -- SAA sponsors enjoy greater exposure at our majestic venues and direct access to upscale, charitable folks ... our beneficiaries, donors, swimmers, volunteers and friends!

If your company would like to become a sponsor of Swim Across America, please contact us.  We offer opportunities for sponsors at both the local/ regional and national levels. 

SAA is ever-so-proud to have once again worked hand-in-hand with the following sponsors:




Swim Across America is proud to name Columbus Circle Investors as a corporate sponsor and a partner in the fight to find a cure. Established in 1975, Columbus Circle Investors (CCI) is one of the nation's leading institutional money managers, providing a broad array of equity investment management services to institutional clients. We thank Columbus Circle Investors for their support.  


Swim Across America's relationship with Chobani, a new national sponsor, has proved to be one of our most rewarding partnerships. Chobani has shown immeasurably strong support for our swimmers, our organization as a whole, and our goals. Chobani Greek Style yogurt is produced by Agro Farma, Inc. located in the rolling hills of Upstate NY. Their team of yogurt makers has over 40 years of experience which insures their customers that only the highest quality of All Natural products will leave their facility. We thank Chobani for it's commitment to Swim Across America.



Swim Across America is happy to announce our partnership with BTIG, a company that specializes in global trading and fund services for hedge funds, mutual funds, separate accounts, and family offices. BTIG boasts state-of-the-art technology for their clients, and promises to be committed to providing clients with the "best execution" trades that are efficient, cost effective, and discreet. Like Swim Across America, they span many cities across the nation, eleven to be exact, and have four international affiliate offices. By partnering with Swim Across America, BTIG is living up to their reputation of being recognized by Wall Street for their philanthropic endeavors and standing in the community.  We welcome BTIG to our organization, and thank them for their support. 



Swim Across America is proud to partner with XTERRA WETSUITS this year! XTERRA prides themselves on offering the best wetsuit for triathletes and swimmers at the best value.  XTERRA WETSUITS are worn by triathletes all over the country who want to feel comfortable and fast on event day. XTERRA's home is in Mission Bay, the home of the first triathlon, but they can be found nationwide.  Swim Across America welcomes XTERRA and would like to express how grateful we are for their support!


Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face is a natural beauty and personal care company that is a pioneer in the natural and organic industry. Kiss My Face was founded over 30 years ago and makes everything from moisturizers to olive oil soaps, shave creams, toothpaste, & Suncare-Kiss My Face has a natural, cruelty free product for all. This year, ALL SAA open water swimmers will get a Kiss My Face Product!


Finis logo

Swim Across America is proud to partner with FINIS for the second year in a row this year. All swimmers participating in SAA events will receive a swim cap from FINIS at the swims and can purchase any of their innovative and effective swimwear and equipment with a 20% discount. FINIS specializes in swim gear that focuses on improving one's technique, which they believe to be the key to swimming faster and enjoying the sport more. We couldn't agree more!


NCASEF logo 711

Swim Across America is proud to partner with the National Coalition of Associations of 7-Eleven Franchisees. The partnership between SAA and NCASEF began in 2014 when NCASEF decided to make SAA a beneficiary of their fundraising efforts and national golf tournaments. In 2014 NCASEF donated more than $200,000 to SAA and the fight against cancer. SAA is excited to have NCASEF as a partner again in 2015!


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